Sound Deadening

Whether you’re a car audio enthusiast or simply looking for a Dynamatquieter ride to and from work, upgrade your car with Dynamat and make your car drive and feel like a luxury vehicle.


Dynamat creates a “sonic barrier” that restores dynamic range lost to road noise.  When you stop road noise and vibration, you clearly hear more of the sounds you want – like music, navigations systems, mobile video and cell phones.

Your classic car restoration is not complete without sound dampening…under the hood, on the roof, those noisy doors and of course the trunk and floor.

And for you tuner guys…get the new DynaLite…alot of performance, less weight.

Wanna increase the output of your system?  Dynamat!!!  The stiffer your panels and better accoustic dampening, the better your score on the SPL meter.