Remote Starters

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•Lifetime warranty on all installs
•All connections are soldered and taped for the best quality, and most reliable connection. no plastic connectors or shortcuts
•Lifetime warranty on all of our remote starter, alarm, and keyless entry units(1yr warranty on remotes unless otherwise stated)
•Free removal of remote starts if you sell or trade the vehicle (basic labor and parts apply to reinstallation)
•We offer superior customer service and appreciation for your business
•All warranty is handled in-store
•Extra modules may be needed depending on vehicle – Average price $70


Remote Start Packages:

Drone Mobile

Range icon Unlimited Range

  • Smartphone control iconSmartphone Control
  • GPS tracking iconGPS Tracking


•Adds DroneMobile smartphone control to any Compustar remote start or security system

•30-day basic trial included

•Service plans starting at $5.99/month


Compustar CS910S – $279

•Two 1-button 1-way remotes

•800 ft range

•Compact Size

•Start/Stop Only

•Two remotes included

•Compatible with Drone mobile smart phone app


Compustar CS920S – $299

•Two 4 button remotes

•Lock, Unlock, Trunk, & Start

•1-way communication

•Range up to 1/4 mile

•Compatible with Drone mobile smart phone app


Compustar CS4900S- $399

• 1 LED paging remote and one secondary 1-way extra remote

•More consistent range of up to 3/4 mile

•Paging confirmation from 2-way remote! LED illuminates and remote beeps to confirm vehicle has started


•Compatible with Drone mobile smart phone app


Compustar PRO 901 – $449

•1 LCD Paging Remote and a spare 1-way remote

•More consistent range up to 1-mile

•Rechargeable remote via USB

•Clock and runtime indicator

•Works great from inside buildings and long distances!

•Compatible with Drone mobile smart phone app


Compustar PRO T12 – $499

•Consistent range up to 3 miles!!

•1 LCD paging remote and spare 1-way remote

•Clock and runtime indicator

•Works amazing from inside buildings and from long distances!

•Compatible with Drone mobile smart phone app

•Industry leading 3 year remote warranty!



•We carry a full line of basic keyless entry systems, alarms, and combo systems with alarm and remote start in one

•Extra remotes range from $40 to $125

•Reinstall Labor into your next vehicle is – $150

•Manual transmission vehicles – $125 additional

•Extra modules may be needed – average price $70

•Multi vehicle discounts are available