About Us

Founded in September of 2002, Mobile FX has been commited to bringing Rapid City, and its neighboors,  the best and latest in automotive entertainment.  We offer more services than a typical “big box store” and we strive to make each visit personable and meet every customers needs.

Since we opened the doors we have built a very loyal and appreciative customer base that has allowed us to grow substantially.   We would like to thank each customer that has not only allowed us to work on their vehicle, but spread the word and told others about our shop.  Mobile FX has built tons of personal realationships between the staff and our customers and appreciate those very much.   Again we say thank you for your business, and encourage you to attempt to do all of your business locally as it will benefit your friends, neighbors, and ulitmately you if our area has more small business’s and a strong economy.

Keep us in mind for all of your installations and purchases


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– The background and beginnings of Mobile FX.